We have Oldfields sheds available for purchase and order here at PlantCorp, with a range of options to suit your needs. Choose from garden sheds, workshops, storage boxes  and pet enclosures that come in various colours and sizes, with additional accessories such as windows, shelves and extra doors also available.

Order and pay in-store or over the phone (02)  8678 4810

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Gable Roof Shed- Specials In Store Now!!
Small  6 x 5ft (W 1.83m x D 1.54m x H 1.93m) – $449

Medium 8 x 7ft (W 2.45m x D 2.16m x H 1.98m ) – $529

Large 10 x 9ft (W 3.07m x D 2.78m x H 2.03m) – $769


We are closing down so take advantage of these ridiculos prices before we are gone 

Sheds come flat-packed with assembly instructions and can be picked up here at PlantCorp or delivered and installed at extra cost.